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Expanded Access to Product Candidates


At AGTC, we are committed to developing products that bring new, innovative gene therapies, like AGTC-501 (laruparetigene zovaparvovec), to patients with serious diseases with no or limited treatment options. 


Currently, AGTC does not offer an expanded access program and is not accepting expanded access requests for our investigational products, including AGTC-501.


We understand patient interest in accessing AGTC-501 outside of clinical trials and prior to regulatory approval. However, participation in one of our clinical trials is currently the most appropriate way to access our investigational products. Please search and the AGTC Clinical Trials webpage X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa – AGTC for publicly available information related to AGTC’s ongoing clinical trials. 


If you have any questions about AGTC’s EA policy, please contact [email protected].

Visionary science for life changing cures.

AGTC is now pre-screening for a phase 2/3 clinical trial of an investigational gene therapy in people with X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Learn more about the clinical trial or how to qualify for pre-screening: